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Grass Fed 

Our unique and one of a kind artisanal hand crafted dog chews are made in small batches.  Your pet will recognize the difference.

● No chemicals. We stay away from using Lye (caustic soda), concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide or similar chemicals. We keep things simple with lots of boiling water and white vinegar. We don't want your pets or our employees to be exposed to harmful chemicals in any way.


● No irradiation. We do not irradiate our dog chews.

● Cooking at high temperatures instead of low temperatures. We cook our products at higher temperatures than required by the USDA which helps us kill as much harmful bacteria as possible.  High temperature cooking produces a fully cooked dog chew that will last much longer.

Our beef does not come from cattle who live in feed lots. The cattle selected for Mascoti Pet Dog Chews actually enjoy a full life before they are harvested. They roam freely in open pastures, eat grass as they please and socialize daily.


We have no middleman in our business. We start production directly from the beginning of the supply chain. We review the raw materials at our family's slaughter facilities and pick the most mature and highest quality beef items. We don’t work with raw material that is considered “second grade” quality.   

Since we are involved in the harvest of the cattle from the beginning we are able to track our dog chews through all stages of production from cattle sourcing, harvesting and processing, product cooking and drying, packaging and shipping to our distributors. All steps in the supply chain can be traced one step backwards and one step forward at any point. 

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